About the author of this blog

Hi! My name is Martin Groeneveld. I’m a hacker, a maker, a tinkerer and a learner. I’ve been working in and around web technologies and electronics design since 2006, and love every day of it.

Apart from programming and hacking for fun, I’m a professional DevOps, a mix of a Software Developer and a System Administrator, experienced in development of high performance and high availability platforms.

From time to time, when an interesting offer comes along, I do freelance jobs. If you have something I can help you with, please contact me.

About This Website

Rather than relying on a complex content management system to serve content, this website is built with Jekyll, a “simple, blog aware, static site generator” written in Ruby. As a purely static site, no server-side processing is necessary after the site is initially built.

Much of the content is formatted with Markdown, which gets converted into HTML when the site is built. This makes it easy to add content to the site without any HTML experience, while avoiding the complexity of using a CMS with a WYSIWYG page editor.